Effective system to protect your business

Preparation of a company for the searches, counterparties audit, personnel training, defense against raiding
a search

is an integral part of doing business in Ukraine for both foreign and Ukrainian companies.


Most of the companies regarding which investigative actions are conducted, predominantly do not violate the law, but this must be proved.

In 0 of cases, the purpose of the search is to collect documents and information.

Foreign compnanies often become subjects of the search due to the fact that they are in business relations with Ukrainian counterparties, regarding which criminal proceedings have already begun.

During the search the company, its financial, commercial information, documents and its employees are at the highest risk zone.

It is important to be prepared for the search in advance in order to be appropriately protected against possible misconduct and abuse by law enforcement agencies.

Which companies are at risk

01Stable income

02Significant part of the market

03Claimed to return VAT

04«Problematic» counterparties

05A competitive war is conducted

06Presence of additional tax charge

Major business mistakes

  • Absence of the business security system
  • Companies personnel did not undergo corporate training and does not know how to behave during the searches:
    • There is no control over the situation during the search
    • There is no clear strategy of action during the search
    • There is no specific division of functions between employees and as a consequence:
      • Approval of the wrong decisions
      • Personnel fear during investigative actions
  • Full delegation of a company defense functions to external lawyers
  • Conducting “searches imitation” or commercial “mask shows” in a company

Why is searches imitation dangerous

  • No search can be simulated in advance, each will be different from the previous one and unique
  • Imitation causes panic and destabilizes company personnel
  • Some employees are scared and ready to quit even before the start of the actual search
  • It is impossible to be constructive when panicking
  • Imitation does not unite, but separates the team

What expenses does the company sustain?



03Blocking of business activity of the company

04Ability to “lose” market share and clients

05Withdrawal of original documents

06Bank secrecy disclosure

07Leakage of confidential information

0 of the negative consequences during and after the searches

are the mistakes of the company itself and its unpreparedness to such thing as the search

How to minimize losses

Our suggestions on optimization and protection of your business

Counterparties audit

  • Determination of the risk level of a criminal prosecution of your business in case of cooperation with a specific counterparty
  • Forecasting risk of additional charges of your company for taxes and fees when working with a specific counterparty
  • Providing recommendations for minimizing risks on existing counterparties and contracts

Corporate trainings for your personnel

  • Personnel training in your territory
  • Modelling and working out various situations during the searches
  • Providing theoretical knowledge and development of practical behavioral skills during the searches for various groups of personnel
  • Analyzing mistakes after conducting the search

We offer complex protection

Preventive measures as the only effective tool to minimize negative consequences and protect against criminal proceedings

Development of an individual security system for your business

  • Carrying out visits to a company office, explore premises plan, internal documents, instructions and rules
  • Conducting personnel questioning
  • Evaluation the effectiveness of existing office protection
  • Development and implementation a detailed strategy for the interaction of various personnel groups among themselves and with law enforcement agencies
  • Providing recommendations on what is necessary for a company to perform in order to build an effective system of interaction with law enforcement agencies.



Increase your company efficiency during operations


Minimization of the negative consequences for your business during the search

Detailed instruction of actions for each employee during the search

Each employee receives a clear strategy for his/her actions:

  • Understands his/her place in the overall strategy of protection and interaction with law enforcement agencies
  • Acts competently and consciously
  • Does not take spontaneous decisions, which allows him/her to act calmly and without panic

  • Every search is controlled by a company, not by an investigator.

    Minimization of all types of expenses for companies (financial, reputational, foreclosure, block of business activity, loss of clients)

    S&P for business in numbers for the last 3 years

    Reduction additions of the companies taxes and fees for a total amount of

    ≈ ₴ 0 Million

    Including 2018

    ≈ ₴ 0 Million

    During 2018, as a result of the court victory cases, the VAT was returned to the business corporate account in the amount of

    ≈ ₴ 0 Million

    During 2017-2018 the illegally blocked VAT was returned to the business corporate account in the amount of

    ≈ ₴ 0 Million

    25 criminal cases on tax evasion against companies CEOs were closed

    ≈ ₴ 0 Million

    We conducted training for more than 45 foreign companies whose gross revenue is 30% of GDP of Ukraine



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